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Lest We Forget

Press Releases: 03/24/08
Iraq Vets Mourn 4000 KIA in Iraq

Official DoD numbers (as of 6/01/11):
Troops Killed in Iraq: 4464
Troops Killed in Afghanistan: 1720
Wounded in Action: 45,329

Infantry soldiers in Stryker units now eligible for CIB

Dec- 6-2006, Filed Under: General Military
By Jim Tice, Army Times

Infantry soldiers serving in Stryker units are now eligible for the prestigious Combat Infantryman Badge, according to a recently approved policy change. nother policy change allows brigadier general commanders the authority to award combat badges. Both new rules are now in effect and will be included in an upcoming revision of Army Regulation 600-8-22 (Military Awards). The changes, which are retroactive to Sept. 18, 2001, authorize the CIB for infantry and Special Forces commissioned officers (colonel and below), warrant officers and enlisted soldiers who: 'Satisfactorily performed duty while assigned or attached as a member of an infantry, Stryker, Ranger or Special Forces unit of brigade, regiment o smaller size, or (who served) as an adviser in a equivalent coalition unit during any period such unit was engaged in active ground combat, to close with and destroy the enemy with direct fires'. CIB criteria issued by the Army in June 2005 (HQDA Letter 600-05-1) did not include Stryker units. This was the same policy letter that outlined award criteria for the newly created Combat Action Badge. In addition to the Stryker policy, the Army also has issued guidance on who may award the CIB, Combat Medical Badge and Combat Action Badge.

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