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Recon Platoon

From the Fourth Battalion of the Third Infantry Regiment, the Recon platoon, serving with the 11th Light Infantry Brigade as part of the Americal Division Will be awarded a Presidential Unit Citation for their actions on September 6, and 7, 1968 near the hamlet of Phuoc Loc, Quang Ngai Province, Rep. of Vietnam.

Battle Journals

The following battle journals are brand new clean white copies just received from the National Archives. I have posted four days of journals beginning Sept. 4th 1968. This allows the reader to follow events that lead up to the battle. An ARVN base getting hit, a chopper going down, 2 or 3 manuver elements receiving fire, etc.

Battle News Clips
Recon Battle Journals
After Action Report
Presidential Unit Citation
Recon Map
Recon Photo

It is also important to note that the fourth Battalion returned to the Buff AO September 3, 1968 after a 2 month visit to the LZ West AO. The fourth Battalion relieved the 1/52 of operational responsibilities for the Buff AO. Within 48 hours of reoccuping the Buff AO, the fourth Battalions Recon platoon would be overrun.

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