I post this statement because others are wanting to take credit for the work I have done. I call bullshit. I worked for several months with the Coffelt data team to develop the 4/3 fatality list. They will remember  because everytime we reconnect they mention how they wished everyone would have SITREP's like buffgrunt.com. Anyone wishing to make changes to this list must have the following. Division fatalities list, Brigade fatalities list  and Battalion fatalities list. They should be able to provide staff journals and/or an eye witness report. Eye witness reports carry a lot of weight.  Anyone wishing to post inflated numbers of the total 4/3 dead for the purpose of  ego or financial gain can kiss my ass. This is not a game.    Webmaster: Tom Skiens  tskiens@centurytel.net


Eight million candle lights
Alive and majestic
Balance on the head of a pin
An elephant floats on butterfly wings
The earth is paper thin
The Yin and the Yang can never meet
Yet there always bound together as one
So life is to death and love is to hate
                                                          And darkness is broken by the sun                                                           
darkness                 tj89

small red rose
small red rose

small red rose
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There are 50,000 names carved in the wall   Video

Interactive Vietnam Veterans Memorial

C Company printable KIA
More than a name on the wall      Video
Brigade Casualty list  
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transparent flag  

Bruce Flaherty  has been working on this project
for many years. He goes to Washington D.C.
several times a year to collect documents at the
Natonal Archives and to purchase flags that are
flown over the nations capital. Each flag flown
comes with a certificate. To see the certificates
CLICK on the surrounding companies. You may
send Bruce a donation to help offset the costs.

best angel
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peace-child  medic-3                          Old_Guard_Crest
image from geckocountry.com  

Charlie Company

4/3 11th LIB
jungle warriors
purple heart
 Point to a name and click for display
John Stewart, John Dillard, Ernest beam, Warren Lane
Leon Henderson, Charles Bozemen, Richard Lynn, Michael Cordia
Peter Baldwin, Roy Elston, Richard Pennimon, Lane Hargrove
Michael Price, Lewis Harmon, Russell Matheny, Eric Ficklin
George Jacobs, James Hadley, John Ulbrich, Billy Childress
Edger Smith, Thomas McKinzie

James Wolter, Donald Michels, Thomas Gildow, Dennis Groff,
Wilber Hicks, Eugene Couturiaux,Carter Freund, Richard Keithline,
Charles Orlowski, Hurley Boyd,   James Cole,
 Jerry Thomas, James Gordon, William Batts,

Barry Molettiere, Donald Taylor, Michael Haynes, Jose Rivas, Charles  Merrill,
 Sandro Barone, Randal Simmons, Clarence Templeton, Ronald Hodge
Elvin James, Raul Rivera, John Anthony, Frederick Cross, Mark Heavrin
Larry Wyatt Kilgore, Alexander Campbell Jr

Roy Smith, Douglas Ayers, Hermon Pichon
Michael Wright, Donald Bailey
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