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        To all,
 Thank you for taking the time to read my email. I am not a Veteran myself and I have never seen war. Yet, I feel pain when I see others who have.
I apologies, this is not about me, this is and will always be about the Veterans. My wife & I have traveled about our beautiful nation and were
fortunate enough to visited Washington DC. Our first day in the city was a very emotional and moving day. We ascended on the Vietnam Wall
from behind and had no idea what everyone was looking at until we turned the corner. What a magnificentawe-inspiring sight. I felt very
heavy-hearted and proud. I was fighting the tears. After viewing the Wall, we found the Three Soldiers Statue. I could not longer stop the tears.
I felt physical pain as I peered into each soldiers eyes. I was transfixed. I could not move. And throughout our visit I found myself drawn back to
the statue and those eyes. They never left me, still to this day. We took some 700 photos on our trip, 15 to 20 % were of the statue alone. I
returned home and wanted to somehow show my appreciation. I have a couple of friends that are Vietnam Veterans and decided to make a picture
from the photos I took. So I took a close up of the soldiers faces, which I changed to semi-transparency, and placed it over a photo of The Three
Soldiers Statue. I give them the photo; the tough guy had tears in his eyes and the other could not take his eyes off of it. I told them that I made the
picture for them and them only. They told me I should share it with as many Veterans as I could. It took them several weeks, but I finally agreed. I
did so reluctantly and insist on one condition if I did share the picture, I would take no money for it what-so-ever. To date, I have been unsuccessful
in getting it to Veterans. I have written to my Mayor, Congressman, etc. with no response. I do not I seek recognition or payment of any kind. I simply
want to express my Thanks to all for their sacrifices. I included the photo (attached); the photos original size is 12" by 18".This size was the largest I
could make, without any distortion. Let me know what you think. If possible could you help to get it to our Vets, please?  I appreciate any help you
may provide. Again, thank you for your time,
  Derrek E. Sheets
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The 4/3 Fatality list is part of the Coffelt Database. Mr Coffelt's efforts to provide Fatality lists broken down by Company are respected by
the national Archives and the  military units that utilize his expertise.  A great deal of care was taken in the development of this list. However,
 We are willing to review  any name and /or date you choose to challange. We want the list to be right.   Contact:

Marshall Jason Brown

Terrance Randell Hanson

James Cecil Holmes

Hershell Eugene Morrow

Barry Russell Moree

Jerry Gordon Richard

Floyd Laverne Still

Edward William Secrest

Larry Allan Jones

Rayner Edward Williams

This is a special page for those who made the ultimate
sacrifice on September 6th 1968. The Recon platoon
will earn a Presidential unit citation for their efforts in
this 12 hour battle

Donnie Raymond White

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