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The 4/3 Fatality list is part of the Coffelt Database. Mr Coffelt's efforts to provide Fatality lists broken down by Company are respected by
 the national Archives and the  military units that utilize his expertise.  A great deal of care was taken in the development of this list. However,  
We are willing to review  any name and /or date you choose to challenge. We want the list to be right.   Contact:
medics Medics who became KIA while serving Delta

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Fred Samuel Fullerton    red
Born in York, Pennsylvania
June 2, 1947
A 20 year old single Caucasian male                                
Died on May 8, 1968
Larry Allen Jones            
Born in St Louis, Michigan
October 15, 1948
A 19 year old single caucasian male
Died on September 6, 1968

Paul Maddox
Died December 23, 1968
Paul was the 4.2 F.O. attached to Delta company. First to die in the Battalion.
David Louis Perkett
Died on January 16, 1968
white blue

Edward Lindly Vanhorn

Died on March 5, 1968

James A Harrington Jr.

Died on March 26, 1968

Jimmy Dalton Barnett

Died on March 26, 1968
Jimmy Barnett

Lee Mathews Lambert

Died on March 28, 1968
blue light

Michael John Donovan

Died on June 7, 1968

Dennis Michael Longo

Died on June 18, 1968

Anthony Joseph Mello

Died on June 25, 1968

Henry Luke Warner  III

Died on August 27, 1968
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James Stewart Hath

Died on September 5, 1968

William Morris Cooper

Died on September 7, 1968
William Cooper

Thomas Martin Behrens

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Dan Behrens
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Thomas Lee Stanley

Melven Eugene Thompson

Died on November 21, 1968

A. W. Howard Jr.

Died on December 28, 1968
red tight
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