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The map section is displayed in two pieces; the first set of maps was provided by Don Smith. Don, who has a nickname of 'Snuffy' did several tours in Vietnam. He had a tour in Recon and another in radar operations I believe. Don’s maps are in PDF format. Don requests that you do not copy and/or reproduce these maps.

The second set of maps are a combination of Google earth generated photos of military facilities in Vietnam and various JPEG maps I found on the internet.

Americal FSB, LZ's etc.
LZ Bronco
LZ Dragon/Woodstock
LZ Warrior/Pat
Fat City
LZ Phoenix
LZ Dwarf
San Juan Hill
LZ Power
LZ Custer/Tiger
LZ Dodge City/Jane
Arty Hill/Pineapple
LZ Buff
OP 1
LZ Pepper/Cork
LZ Hazard/Mustang
LZ Cedar Mountain/Snoopy
The Horseshoe
Map index for Northern half of Americal AO
LZ Liz
LZ North/South
LZ Lou/Checker
LZ Bayonet/Gater

All images below come from a source other than Don Smith, which makes no difference what so ever if you are building a web site using the copy and paste method... cyber theives abound. The following images were taken from the Google Earth military facilities layer of Vietnam. The military facilities lawer for viet nam has over 3,000 base camps, LZ's, battles and FSB's. The first image called "Overview" gives you a sample of what Google earth has to offer.

Buff Looking South
LZ Pony
LZ Shepard
Route 9-3
Route 9-7
LZ Buff-1
Minh Long
LZ Crystal
Hill 54
Route 9-4
Quin Nhon
LZ Buff-2
LZ Bronco
Binh Dinh
Route 9-1
Route 9-5
LZ Linda
LZ East
LZ Fox
Khe Sanh
Route 9-2
Route 9-6
LZ Thunder
San Juan Hill
Northern AO Map
LZ Shepard
Khe Sanh topo
LZ Pro-West
Southern AO Map
LZ Pro-East
Autokill Map

Maps, LZ grids and more from Independent researcher, Don Smith

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