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Short Stories

Here are a number of stories, written by myself and others. If you would like to have your stories posted here, feel free to submit your work via email. Writers retain all rights to work submitted, whether it is accepted or not. Our editors also retain the right to accept or reject entries, and though submission is free, there is no guarantee that everything submitted will be accepted and posted on this website.

Al Hemingway

The Battle of Chu Lai

[Author Unknown]

Battle For Hamburger Hill
Brother Brother, Sneaking a Visit
God's Vet
13 Hands
The Refugees of Duc Pho

Bob Herbert

In My Opinion: Wounds You Can't See

Chicago Tribune

25 Yanks Killed, 54 Hurt in Viet Action

Harold Titus (AKA, 'Preacher')

Preacher and the Rice Bowl

Jim Alexander (AKA, 'Tex')

Battle For BATO

John Frisbee

The Mayaguez Incident

Marc Levy

Just Like Hanoi Hanna
Whatever You Did in War Will Always Be With You

Mark Benjamin and Michael de Yoanna

Death in the US: The Army's Fatal Neglect

Matthew Whittle

House Asks DOD to Help Bring Soldier Home
Duplin Marine Might Be Coming Home Soon
On the Trail of His Family's Hero

Patrick J. Stone (AKA, 'Stoney')

20th Birthday (PDF)

Rich Raitano (AKA, 'Doc')

Absent of Grace and Mercy
Good Men Died
LZ Carentan
The Watch
Veterans At The Wall

Russ Grimm (ret. Major)

The Grimm Truth

Tom Skiens (AKA, 'Foxtrot')

A Pissing Contest
Boat People
God Laughs In Colors
Good War Stories
Hush Puppies, Hookers and Hammocks
Oliver Stone's Vietnam Experience
Seven Days in April
The Suicide Planet
The Three Little Pigs

Tony Swindell

Counter Punch


Koh Tang 1975

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