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by Tom Skiens (AKA, 'Foxtrot')

The following articles were sent to my by Sandy Hargrove. I call her Sandy topsail because of her E-mail address. Her brother in Law, Cpl. Joseph Hargrove is possibly the last American to die in the Southeast Asia conflict. Another brother in Law, Lane Hargrove died while serving with Charlie Company 4/3 on April 19, 1968. Sandy has known these two young men sense they were 5 and 10 respectfully. Many years ago I produced an origional story called 'Seven Days in April', That talks about Lane's death. I later blended the facts from this story into a piece I call, 'M&M' that talks about a bunch of bad days for Charlie Company.

After reading and posting Sandy's article I looked up the Mayaguez incident in Wikipedia and other locations and posted that. Sandy then sent me several local newspaper articles, letters, pictures Ect. which I worked up and posted. I am proud to host this collection in Buffgrunt. This is what the website is for. That and to come up with cool sounding titles like, Sandy Topsail. Anyway, this is interesting and for anyone who says the Vietnam war is over, they are wrong.

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