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A Pissing Contest

by Tom Skiens (AKA, 'Foxtrot')

This might be a good thing but there is no certainty when speaking about Vietnam. We did a combat assault into the Task Force Barker area of operation. We called the area Pinksville and history will come to call it My Lai. The LZ was cold and all lifts landed safely on the sandy beach. I attached myself to a platoon that was tasked to form a line and sweep the area. Soon after we moved out I was approached by a military age female who was packing an 8 year old female type with bullet lodged high in her right cheek. I called a medic over to look at the wound.

He confirmed that the bullet had been in the littles girls face for maybe 10 days and that we should call a Dustoff. The medic turned to work on a grunts foot as I led momma san over to the LT. in command of the platoon. I asked the LT. if we could call a dustoff for the little girl. He went bonkers. They are all fucking gooks man, and if they ain't gooks they work for them and feed them. Let them die, at least they won't be out planting booby traps tonight. I was attached to the company as 4.2 FO. As a result I packed my own PRC-25. The LT. could yell and cuss but he had no authority over me. I walked off and called the Company commander.

Charlie six, Charlie foxtrot over. Charlie six alpha, go. I asked the CO if we could call a dustoff for the wounded child. He approved it and within 5 minutes the child and mother were on their way to a medical facility. War makes people act in strange ways.

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