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25 Yanks Killed, 54 Hurt in Viet Action

by the Chicago Tribune, 4/16/70

SAIGON, Viet Nam, April 16 [Thursday] (AP) - The United States command today reported 25 Americans killed and 54 wounded by enemy action, one of the year's highest one day casualty tolls. Viet Cong gunners also fired rockets into Saigon for the second time in three nights. In the costliest incident, 14 Americans were killed and 32 wounded yesterday when a dud United States 105mm, artillery shell, rigged as a Viet Cong booby trap, exploded. It triggered ammunition carried by the American troops, which inflicted some of the casualties, a spokesman said. The incident occurred near Duc Pho, 105 miles south of Da Nang.

A mortar attack and ground assault against a 1st. air cavalry division artillery base, 23 miles northwest of Tay Ninh City and three miles from the Cambodian border, killed 8 Americans and wounded 20, the command reported. Enemy losses were not known in the two-hour attack on the jungle artillery base. Enemy troops attacked an element of the 101st. airborne division 17 miles southwest of Hue, killing 3 Americans and wounding two others. One North Vietnamese soldier was known dead.

Twenty-four enemy soldiers were reported killed in air attacks by cruising helicopter gunships, 12 of them near the Cambodian border, 11 miles north of the 1st. air cavalry artillery base, and the other 12 near Da Nang. South Vietnamese units claimed 61 enemy soldiers slain and 4 captured in two battles in the Mekong Delta. Sources near Chau Doc, on the border in the western delta, reported that fighting flared just north of the border inside and Viet Cong forces. The sources said four Cambodian patrol boats on the Mekong river were involved in the fighting and two of them were sunk as unidentified propeller-driven fighter bombers flew strafing attacks against the Viet Cong.

Viet Cong gunners hit Saigon with four 122mm rockets, which fell in separate parts of the city, injuring 5 persons. An apartment building in the downtown section was damaged. In other action, informed sources reported 2,000 South Vietnamese rangers, infantrymen, and armored forces plunged a mile into Cambodia, teamed up with Cambodian soldiers, and smashed a North Vietnamese base camp. It was the first reported instance of Cambodians joining South Vietnamese in a large operation, although Cambodians recently acted as a blocking force for a South Vietnamese attack on the Viet Cong inside Cambodia.

South Vietnamese headquarters claimed 179 enemy soldiers were killed and 550 huts and bunkers were destroyed but insisted that the battle was fought a half mile inside South Viet Nam. South Vietnamese losses were given as 7 killed and 43 wounded. (Article courtesy of James Van Hoveln, member of Charlie Company 4th. Bn. 3rd. Inf. 11th. Lt. Inf. Brgde. Americal division) The second paragraph deals with the "Rice Bowl' incident involving Charlie Company 4th. Bn. 3rd. Infantry, Americal. When reading news articles about events of our current conflicts on the war on terror, PLEASE remember there is a lot more to an incident than you are reading about! Please keep our current troops in your thoughts and prayers. THEY ARE our sons, daughters, brothers and sisters. Our future!

Americal Division Unit Patch
The Americal Division is the only army infantry division to be formed outside the continental United States. The Americal division is also the only named army Division. All other army divisions have a number designation. The army later added the number designation of the 23rd Infantry Division to the Americal title. The four stars represent the constellation Crux. Crux is referred to as; 'The Southern Cross'. The Americal Division motto is 'Under the Southern cross'. The patch has been worn in combat by Americal Division veterans who served in the Pacific theatre during WWII and by veterans of the Vietnam War.

This patch (above) is symbolic of the 'Jungle Warriors' of the 11th Light Infantry Brigade. The 11th LIB consisted of the following units:

The 3/1, who declare themselves to be, 'Always First'
The 1/20, who carry the name, ‘Sykes Regulars'
The 4/3, who are 'The Old Guard'
The 4/21, are 'The Gimlets'

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