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One Single Truth

by Tom Skiens (AKA, 'Foxtrot'), 12/17/88

One time again, I find pain is my friend
It has taught me the things I know
Oh, I've deluged it with booze
Chased shadows and followed the ruse
Searching for the right way to go

It has always been there, stares me in the eye
I marvel at the simplicity of it all
I'll shed a tear for friends who are dead
I'm prime for the rise and the fall

There is one single truth, above and beyond
Anything life has taught me
It's a living Jesus, who died on the cross
He died for our salvation you see

I live with the thought, it's there most days
I feel like I'm the one who cares
About blowed away bodies and arms and such
And a burden I can no longer bare

So I turn it all over to the one single truth
And the tears on this page are witness
That Jesus is salvation and although I still hurt
Somehow he offers me bliss

Some say ignorance is bliss but not in this case
for knowing has shaped me as man
I walk with dead bodies, in a month, in a year
Pray Jesus lend me a hand

© Copyright & Disclaimer
2011 Tom Skiens. All Rights Reserved