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Here are a number of poems, written by myself and others. If you would like to have your poems posted here, feel free to submit your work via email. Writers retain all rights to work submitted, whether it is accepted or not. Our editors also retain the right to accept or reject entries, and though submission is free, there is no guarantee that everything submitted will be accepted and posted on this website.

A. Lawrence Vaincourt

A Soldier Died Today

[Author Unknown]

The Blood of a Soldier

Donald R. Leslie

Just Another Gook

Jim Van Hoveln


Lawrence T. O'Neill

Black Heart

L.J. Pete Baucum

Combat Engineers

Patrick Stone (AKA, 'Sarg')

Dear Dad
Faith and Trauma (PDF)

Rich Riatano (AKA, 'Doc')

Stolen Youth
The Noble Warrior

Roddie Lee Perry

Sisters Know

Tom Skiens (AKA, 'Foxtrot')

Body Traffic
If I Ever Get to Heaven
Know Them
No Matter Where You Go, There You Are
One Single Truth
Rally Round the Flag Boys
Visions of Peace
Winter Stars

Tony Swindell

Suicide in the Jungle

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