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If I Ever Get to Heaven

by Tom Skiens (AKA, 'Foxtrot')

If I ever get to heaven
Don't you know I'm gonna shout
To all my dead war buddies
Gather round and come about

If I ever get to heaven
Don't you think I'm gonna pray
For the Hindu and the Muslin
They all go the same Gods way

If I ever get to heaven
I will talk and shake gods hand
I will ask him to forgive
All remaining sins of man

If I ever get to heaven
I want my family to know
That we're all the same with God
We are made of fire and snow

If I ever get to heaven
Tell the Catholic and the Zen
That we only have one place
For all of us to pray in

If I ever get to heaven
It won't be hot it won't be cold
There is no need for anything
Not the Silver or the Gold

Americal Division Unit Patch
The Americal Division is the only army infantry division to be formed outside the continental United States. The Americal division is also the only named army Division. All other army divisions have a number designation. The army later added the number designation of the 23rd Infantry Division to the Americal title. The four stars represent the constellation Crux. Crux is referred to as; 'The Southern Cross'. The Americal Division motto is 'Under the Southern cross'. The patch has been worn in combat by Americal Division veterans who served in the Pacific theatre during WWII and by veterans of the Vietnam War.

This patch (above) is symbolic of the 'Jungle Warriors' of the 11th Light Infantry Brigade. The 11th LIB consisted of the following units:

The 3/1, who declare themselves to be, 'Always First'
The 1/20, who carry the name, ‘Sykes Regulars'
The 4/3, who are 'The Old Guard'
The 4/21, are 'The Gimlets'

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2011 Tom Skiens. All Rights Reserved