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Rally Round the Flag Boys

by Tom Skiens (AKA, 'Foxtrot'), 1/14/91

In a dream
On a day
We walk together
This way
Absolute perfection
A light
A walk, a smile
Harmonious precision
In tune, on time
A fear
A dread to come
A tear
First to drop the bomb

I have this strange feeling
On the Persian Gulf thing
My emotions on edge
Long tight rope, narrow string

Its like standing in a black cloud
A dark and hollow place
I focus on tomorrows events
I wonder of the human race

We balance on the brink of war
It seems just a matter of time
The solider again as cannon fodder
I have visions of dead and dying

I'm filled with the pain of knowing
Of having been through it all before
While I deal with a post war trauma
A new war knocks on the door

Oh rally round the flag boys
We're on a presidential high
Either love it now or leave it
Don't question right just die

Oh rally round the flag boys
Send your neighbors son to war
Talk loud with threats to kick some ass
Lets see some blood and gore

Oh rally round the flag boys
send your best friends wife to fight
Call up the reserves and National Guard
The president says he is right

Oh rally round the flag boys
Hold old glory way up high
Watch it flutter in the breeze
As coffins pass slowly by

Oh rally round the flag boys
Call up the Vietnam Vets
this time we'll win the war so fast
We'll kill with no regrets

Oh rally round the flag boys
The peace freaks damned to hell
Mark your targets, squeeze and breath
Please salivate at the sound of the bell

Oh rally round the flags boys
fight till the fightings done
Then reject the ones who risk their life
Take away their knives and guns

Oh rally round the flag boys
deny the horror and the pain
The nightmares watching your friends die
Again and again and again

Oh rally round the flag boys
Huddle close and hear me say
Fight this war to end all wars
Except the ones that haunt your days

© Copyright & Disclaimer
2011 Tom Skiens. All Rights Reserved