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by Tom Skiens (AKA, 'Foxtrot'), with the help of Marc Levy (Mentor, editor and widely published author)

Have you heard about Betty
She's a bouncer from the land of villes
The first time that I met her
Was at the bottom of an old ROK hill

The ROK's long since departed
some wire and Betty remain
The point diddy bopped right over the top
but not Scully and Hall, what a shame

Its a hot date, our first time with Betty
She dropped ten men in a row
The eleventh in line is Zimmerman
learning things he didn't want to know

The Zimmer Man and I
Well we got to walk the line
I be judging the size of Betty's holes
On the radio with the Captain all the time

We be needing two choppers for the dust off
One bird can't lift all this weight
We have two that are in no hurry
They be lined up at the pearly gate

The Zimmer Man and I
We be prancing down the line
You with the 2? hole in the shoulder
Grab your gear and double time

Betty's got one moaning
Another's losing his mind
And another with a face full of shrapnel
Froze up standing his place in line

The Zimmer Man and I
Doing shit we never knew
Rifling through Rucks and Pancho's
Getting ready for dust off #2

I don't think I like Betty
She's a fickle bitch at best
She jumps right up, 3 feet or so
Then puts a sucking hole in your chest

She will blow your legs to the left
And the rest of you to the right
She will blow your balls into the next day
And haunt the rest of your nights

13 Jan. 68, 1240H: Co C have hit mine at BS588833. DUSTOFF completed at 1315. Mine was Bouncing Betty.

SSG Conroy
SGT Montgomery
SGT Walker
SP4 Thrasher
PFC Garner
SP4 Elston
PFC Henderson
PFC Howes

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KHA: LT Scully, PFC Hall

Betty, M-16 A1 Antipersonnel Mine: When tripped, a Bouncing Betty jumps out of the ground 3 to 5 feet before exploding.

Villes: G.I. slang for village

Land of villes: authors phrase to represent Vietnam

ROK Hill: a Republic of Korea base camp built on a hill.

ROK: a feared mercenary from the Republic of Korea.

Diddy Bop: GI slang for walked or passed by

© Copyright & Disclaimer
2011 Tom Skiens. All Rights Reserved