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Lost & Found

Find Lost Friends and Family

The best way to find someone is to email Kitty. She has somehow magically found over 1000 veterans for their friends and family. To help Kitty account for your lost friends, please provide as much of the following information as possible: State of origin, age, first, middle or last name if known, and the state or country they are from. Kitty has found people for me with little more than a name in less than an hour on one occasion.

Attention Brothers!

I am looking for anyone who served with Bravo 4/3 from Schofield to VN, 1966-1968, who might have either photos or rememberances of Plt Sgt Maurice T. Williams who was KIA February 1968.

I am in contact with his oldest son, LTC Maurice T. Williams II (Alpha Co. 2-147th AHB / 12th Combat Bde) who has recently returned from Iraq. The family does not have any photos from PSGT's time in VN. I know that they would appreciate anything you might be able to share. Please forward to my e-mail.

PSGT's grandson, Maurice T. Williams III is a member of the "Old Guard" also and sentinel at Arlington Cemetary.

Please email me or call 1-360-713-3635 with any information you may have ~ Rich R (AKA 'Doc')

Found Them

Here is another part of the story concerning Bobby Vincent, Clyde Collins and Peter Dempsey. Peter was also there when Sgt. Dennis was KIA. Bobby has talked to Clyde Collins and Peter. Peter was excited when I told him I had found Clyde Collins. He said he knew him well and had lots of pictures with Clyde in them and wanted to send him copies. Clyde was elated as he has few if any photos. Anyway, that is the rest of the story. The request from Bobby Vincent has been fulfilled. Peter wasn't Dustedoff with the others but took a later chopper. I love it when a plan comes together. Foxtrot, you were a big part of solving the mystery ~ Kitty

Can You Identify These Men?

We know one is Roddy Perry who was KIA 6/69, in the 1st Platoon of D 4/3, but please contact Patsy if you have any further information about these men.

Recon Seeking Recon
Jim Murley and Russ Blais are the contact people for RECON 4/3, Vietnam. This small yet special Band of Brothers would like to reconnect. Feel free to email them at jrmurley@yahoo.com, rblais1@cox.net, jrmurley@yahoo.com or rblais1@cox.net

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