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Another Story

by Rod Linkous, B 4/3 Infantry (of the 'Old Guard')

I was assigned to B 4/3 in Hawaii right out of AIT in September of 1967. I was on the MSTS Gordon and ended up in Duc Pho along with everyone else. The rotation date for us was December 5, 1968. Partway through the tour I opted for a two week extension to my tour in Nam and was given an early out of the Army. I left on December 15, 1968. A little information that isn't 100 % correct but is close. Of the 140+ men who went over on the Gordon, approximately 15 rotated early (before the 5th of Dec). Around 100 men were wounded badly enough to be medevaced back to the World, the rest rotated on time or reupped to stay there. I think I was one of 10 men who made it all the way without suffering a wound of any kind though I did suffer jungle rot and malaria.

I got out on my return to Fort Lewis, Washington; moved to Florida, then reenlisted in 1969. I spent 20 years in the Army, retiring as a SFC, in 1986, went on to get my degree in education (social studies), and taught high school for 17 years. My wife and I both retired in May of 2007.

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