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The Freedom Bird

In 2008 Rich Raitano sent me an e-mail on the 40 year anniversary of his return trip from Vietnam. It was a short e-mail, reminiscing about his flight home. I responded to Rich with an even shorter e-mail saying that I had flipped the whole country off as the freedom bird left the ground. Over the course of the next several weeks, Rich, myself and several others began developing our stories and adding them to a collection we call, "The Freedom Bird". Your story is welcome also.

'Combat shifts the mind into the eternally present and eliminates the concept of memory'
~ Rod Slemmons, Director, Museum of contemporary photography, Chicago

'The one thing we all had in common is that each of us came home alone'

Carl Zarzyski (B 4/21)

My Trip Home From Nam

David Marino (A 4/3, 68-69)

Dance With the Devil

Dudley Farquhar (A trp. 1/1 Cav.)

Humpty Dumpty Goes to Nam

James Dowmen (IAVA Vet)

Stella On My Shoulders

Jim Wambold (AKA, Arty)

A Major Dinner

Marc Levy (1/7 Cav.)

Dong Tam, A Private Affair

Mike Christensen (C 2/39 9th Inf. Div.)

Dong Tam

Rich Raitano (AKA, 'Doc')

Burgers and Southern Belles

Rod Linkous (B 4/3)

Another Story

SGT Dave Krueger (B 4/3)

A Long Way Home

Slater Davis (B 4/21 & D 4/3, 70-71)

Parades of Love

Steve Newton (A 4/3)

A Psychopath's Vacation

Tom Skeins (AKA, 'Foxtrot')

And a B-52 For You

Tony Swindell (Combat Corresp., 31st PID, HHC 11th LIB)

Looking at Dead Guys

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