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As a general rule I do not like military Histories. They have a way of glorifing the mundane and twisting the truth. I site as an example the Presidental unit citation awarded the recon platoon when it was overrun Sept. 5, 1968. The citation states that the Recon platoon managed to keep the enemy engaged untill reinforcements arrived. My version of the story would say, Recon was ambushed and pinned down by a superrior force. All efforts to break contact were to no avail.

Another example would be a history I have seen covering the March 1968 time frame, My Lai. I have seem a unit history that dosen't even mention My Lai. Like it never happened. This does not supprise me as you have to look deep to find Mention of the longest lasting battle in the history of the United States Army. A battle that produced over 35,000 casualties and began two months befor the Battle of the Bulge and ended one month after the Battle of the Bulge. I am talking about the Hurtgen Forest, a dark and bloody ground. Military histories are not about truth. They are about glory and Honor and God and Country. Unfortunatly, military histories are sometimes all we have. So, until you sit down and craft your own history this is what you get.

The Myth

I have seen four different versions of the paper speaking about the link between the 11th LIB and anything with the number 11. The 11th armor, the 11th division, the 11th Cav. This goes on for about a page and the last sentence says it all. You don't need to read anything but this last sentence. It says there is no connection between the 11th LIB and any of those other outfits except the number 11.

The Buf Straps

In this section I will highlight Buf strap history. This is a long and proud tradition with many interesting historical features.

The Named Army Division

The Americal Division has two unique elements in its history that set it apart from other US Army formations. The first is that it is the only named Division in the US Army. The name Americal comes from WW ll. After fighting at Guadalcanal, Latte, the Northern Solomons, the Southern Solomons and Bougainville the Americal Division occupied New Caledonia. New Caledonia was a hotly contested and stratigacly important island the Japanese fought heavily to retain. While on New Caledonia the Americal adopted the constellation, CRUX, as its logo and the Americal, Americans in New Caledonia, as it's name. The Americal is also called the 23 Inf, Div. The second unique aspect of the Americal is that it is the only Army Division formed outside the continental United States.

> History of the Americal Division (YouTube Video)

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