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'Unhealed PTSD can devastate life and incapacitate its victims from participation in the domestic, economic and political life of the nation. The painfull paradox is that fighting for one's country may render one unfit to be its citizen'. ~ Dr. Jonathan Shay, M.D, P.D. (the staff psychiatrist in the department of veterans affairs outpatient clinic in Boston), in his book Achilles in Vietnam.

Why Combat Veterans May Never Come Home

When I first started attending Veteran groups in the early 1980's I was reminded of the following many times:
  1. PTSD is chronic
  2. PTSD is progressive
  3. PTSD is incurable
I accepted the first two prepositions but for some reason I could not accept the idea that PTSD was incurable. How could anyone know that PTSD was incurable. Did they personally know every Vet that had ever experienced PTSD. How could anyone know if some joe blow from Bumfuck Egypt had developed a method that worked for them. Over 20 years later a shrink, Dr. Patterson, from the Boise Idaho Veterans hospital would offer a peak at another view of PTSD. Dr. Patterson would tell me that, " PTSD is incurable, unless you do something about it." I now know that you can learn to manage PTSD if you are willing to do what it takes. Medication, Therapy, pulling your head out of your ass, are all acceptable first steps. Note I said you can manage PTSD, not cure it. It is like, you can look at the pictures in Playboy but you can't sleep with the person in the picture.

I will use this section of the Buffgrunt website to link to resources that can help you to better understand PTSD. You may add your thoughts and research by contacting me at: buffgrunt@gmail.com


You don't have to go postal before you seek help -- You can...
But you don't have to!

May 26, 2007

The most resent numbers for PTSD were released today. The report says that 51% of the Guard and Reserve, 38% of the Army and 31% of the Marine corps veterans of Afghanstan and Iraq are displaying symptoms of PTSD. This is really big. You know how Macho the leathernecks are. For them to admit to PTSD while still in theater is unheard of. Some of these veterans are battling with the VA and the VA is doing the loop-de-loop. In some cases the VA is taking away service connected PTSD ratings and telling the vets they have a personality disorder. That's a good way to piss off a guy with a gun. It's also not a smart thing to do.

Once again I make the call to award a lifetime pension to all combat veterans. The pension to include medical and mental health care coverage. In this war no one but the veterans and their families are suffering because we have no mandatory service. Joe blow jumps on his four wheeler and heads for the hills. The veteran can't even get an appointment for 2 months or more and when he does they call him a liar. The freaking oil companies and Bush's secret army are making Billions while the veteran has to stand in line just to get someone to stick a finger up his ass.

These veterans are going to take the PTSD to the streets of America. Crime rates will soar. Substance abuse will soar. Violent behavior with little provocation will soar. The politicians and the civilians will build more prisons and make more laws to protect themselves from the people who have been protecting them from the axis of evil. I am on the side of the veteran. Screw Joe Blow, he does not deserve the four wheeler. America is so screwed up. Each veteran should receive a lifetime pension, health care, a job and/or education and job.

I hope the fact that I am willing to share my ammo with these veterans is enough to scare the hell out of the civilian population. This whole thing will get much worse before it gets better. ~ Tom Skeins (AKA, Foxtrot)

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