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Intergenerational PTSD

The intergenerational transference of Post-traumatic stress disorder amongst the children and grandchildren of Vietnam veterans in Australia: An argument for the genetic origin. By Ken Obrian

The book definition of PTSD is: Ordinary reactions to an extraordinary event. In laymen's terms I say PTSD is: Trauma induced behavior. Some examples would be: you are in an auto wreck, both your parents die, 20 years later you are an alcoholic. You are molested as a child, later in life you become a drug addict. You go to war and everyone dies but you, that experience ruins your life.

The conclusions of this research paper are that trauma can change the structure of an individuals Genetic makeup. That changed genetic structure can then be passed on to the children of the traumatized individual who can in turn pass the altered genes onto their children.

Supporting evidence includes the fact that the children of Australian Vietnam Veterans with PTSD are 35% more likley to attempt suicide than the children of Australian Vietnam veterans without PTSD. The children of Veterans with PTSD are more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol than their peers. They are more likley to act out, display violent and anti-social tendices and practice self destructive behavior.

This ground breaking research is critical to hundreds of thousands of combat veterans and victims of traumatic events who wish to understand and treat PTSD.

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